Get To Revenue is a Growth Marketing Team for hire.

We provides startups with the expertise and capabilities of a startup marketing team at a much lower cost than in-house marketing team while retaining all the expertise of a marketing agency.

Early stage startups often struggle to launch and promote their products due to financial limitations, having to rely on a limited and inexperienced marketing team or an marketing agency without strategic guidance.

Our Growth Marketing Team combines decades of startup marketing experience and can help you launch your product efficiently and cost effectively.

    WHAT WE DO     

Our Growth Marketing team provides growth marketing services to early stage startups to launch their product and ramp up their user acquisition, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing team or marketing agency.

We work on a fractional basis, as a shared growth marketing team, on monthly retainer fee. Our core competence lies in Time Management and Agile Marketing, which allows us to work with multiple startup without sacrificing expertise .

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Our Growth Marketing Team solutions fit the various stages your startup might be at, from pre-market to full growth.

Growth Marketing Team for Hire

Growth Marketing Team service is for startups that don’t have a marketing team yet and need a complete marketing team and a growth manager. The full funnel Marketing Team will act as your in-house team and will embed in your organisation.

Billed Monthly

Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO are CMO for hire working on a part-time basis and are for startup that have a skeleton growth marketing team but lacks leadership and management. The fractional CMO will provide strategic planning and keep your existing growth marketing team on track. 

Billed Monthly

Marketing Expert

Hire a marketing expert  in whatever channels need to be developed. Our Marketing Expert will embed  as a freelance growth marketer and supplement your existing team in area that needs development.

Billed on a hourly or project basis.

Growth Marketing Team for Hire

A team of dedicated data-driven experts will act as your in-house marketing team.
Your growth marketing team will embed with your organisation, working closely with your product development team and founders.
During our
Plan and Implement stage, we’ll start by translating your vision into an actionable growth marketing roadmap, putting up the technological infrastructure in place, defining OKR and organising the team around the SCRUM framework. The following Discovery stage will validate market segment and marketing hypotheses through cost effective campaigns. Those finding will then set us up for the Growth stage where we ramp up user acquisition and increase revenue.


Growth marketing is the step where we Translate the CEO & the Board’s vision into a marketing strategy and roadmap, based on Agile marketing.


We implement the marketing tech stack that will propel growth, starting with measuring performance through analytics for mobile or desktop, to defining OKR and organising the team around the SCRUM framework.

Our secret sauce is Agile Marketing .

Our growth marketing team utilizes the principles and practices of agile methodologies, that allows us to scale progressively user acquisition campaigns through frequent experiment and iteration while minimizing cost and keeping an extreme focus on customers.
This is ideally suited for early stage start up.


We run shorts, cost effective campaigns all along your funnel to validate product market fit and marketing hypotheses.

At the end of this stage we’ll have enough data to establish financials forecast and move to the next stage of growth.


We scale up user acquisition, sales and revenue, as well as ramp up our user retention channels from Remarketing to email and content marketing.

Fractional CMO for hire

You will hire a Fractional CMO if you don’t need a full stack team but still require the expertise and leadership of a Growth Manager. 
Our growth manager will help Plan, Implement, Discover and Grow.

Just like an in-house team, you have weekly meetings, quarterly objectives, Kanban board and performance report.

Our growth manager will help Plan, Implement, Grow and Scale.

Startups use fractional CMO services because they’re not at a stage where they need a full-time CMO but still require expert strategy and leadership.
Our solution allows you to recruit a fractional CMO  on a part-time basis up to 45 hours a month while gainning access to expert strategic guidance and leadership.


A fractional CMO will translate the CEO & the Board’s vision into a marketing strategy and roadmap, based on Agile marketing.


Our fractional CMO will help implement the marketing roadmap and will advise on all the tools necessary: From analytics implementation to sprint planning to campaigns and creatives strategy. 


After implementing the strategy our Fractional CMO will focus to gain traction for growth.

This is in line with our Agile Marketing methodology where experiments and iterations play a central role to optimise the best user acquisition channels.


Our Fractional CMO will direct effort to ramp up user acquisition, sales and increase revenue. He will also assist in recruiting talents to grow your in-house team.

Hire a Marketing Expert

Marketing expert for Hire, on a hourly or project basis.

If hiring an entire growth marketing team is not the best fit, we focus on individual services, focusing on execution focused on execution from social media marketing manager for hire to SEM manager. Billed either as a project or on hourly basis.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media

Display media Buy

Content Marketing

SEO and App store optimisation


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 Growth Marketing Services

In House Team

  • COST
    A marketing team cost on average 22,000$ per month excluding taxes and benefits.
  • TIME
    Takes weeks or months to hire a team.
    Lack guidance and expertise at a start.

Get To Revenue

  • COST
    We offer a full stack growth marketing team at a fixed monthly price of $7,000.
  • TIME
    The team is ready, no need to negotiate budget and hourly rate.
    The team has a combined 30 years experience working with startup.


  • COST
    Pricing model is often commission based, based on marketing budget or pay per channels.
  • TIME
    Quick hire but must first negotiate a budget and hourly rate and choose the right channel.
    Focus on execution rather than strategy due to pricing model.

startups founders presently needs to fill the following gap when launching user acquisition:

COST: Hire a team of expert at the lowest cost

TIME: Start user acquisition quickly and cost-effectively

EXPERTISE: Put in place an scalable strategy in pace with the product roadmap

Faced with those needs, founders presently have only two choices :

Either build from scratch an in-house team with long delay and costly operations


Work with an agency that often lack the strategic expertise and focus on execution rather than strategy.

Enter Get To Revenue that offers a third alternative:

Hire a Growth Marketing Team on a monthly retainer, grossly equivalent to a Growth Manager salary. 

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