About Get To Revenue

Most early stage startups are in need of the full expertise of a startup marketing team but can’t afford one and are left with lower alternatives : working with an marketing agency that excel at execution but cannot strategize or by hiring a in-house marketer that lacks expertise and bandwidth.

Get To Revenue fills that need with a Growth Marketing Team for Hire that fully embed in early stage startups and help them launch their product and ramp up their user acquisition, all of it at a lower cost of hiring a growth manager or an agency.

We take your startup faster to market and revenue, clearing the landmines on the way.

Our business model is unique as you hire an entire growth marketing team but only pay the equivalent of the monthly salary of a growth manager ”.

When you hire us as your Growth Marketing Team, we come with a full funnel growth marketing team that will accelerate your go-to-market strategy and scale your marketing at a reduced cost. Our business model is unique as you only pay one monthly retainer fee but get the full power of an in-house marketing team.

Get Access to a growth marketing team at a fraction of the cost

About me

I’ve worked 15 years for multiple early stage startups who went on to successfully exit through acquisition. I first stepped in growth marketing as an affiliate manager for Opale and Blinx Group and then joined Luxury Retreats media buy team to turn social media and RTB Display into a lead acquisition engine with $30 million yearly revenue. Luxury Retreats was then acquired by airBnB in 2017 for over 200m$ and I continued by ramping up bottom funnel channels and coaching our performance marketing team. I later joined Launchtrip, a group trip app, as Senior Growth manager and consulted for mobile app startups thereafter.

That experience has helped me gain a unique understanding of early stage startups and to follow a lean marketing framework based on Agile methodology consisting of breaking up go-to-market strategy into short cycles with continuous experimentation at every stage for constant improvement.